We say what we think and mean what we say…

There is always time to support each other
We talk to each other, not against each other
Teamwork is the better hierachy
Balancing family priorities with work priorities
Long-term does not have to mean boring

…we are looking for people who share our values.

You have sound technical background and possess the following:

  • a degree in computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, engineering or a related subject
  • you speak German fluently
  • expertise in structured & process orientated software development such as Scrum, CMMI, Automotive SPICE®, ISO/IEC 12207
  • experience with technologies Java EE, web frameworks & web standards such as Java Server Faces, Primefaces, etc., Oracle databases & ORM frameworks like Hibernate, GUI Frameworks
  • extensive knowledge of and the ability to apply object-oriented design patterns

Our door is open to you whether you are a fresh graduate or a software developer with years of professional experience.

We recognise the value of both a candiate‘s potential and their experience.

eck*cellent IT GmbH
Theodor-Heuss-Straße 2, 38122 Braunschweig,
Ansprechpartner: Herr Imo Hermes, Tel. (0531) 7022-2125, bewerbung@eckcellent-it.de

* On the basis of our security guidelines, only applications via PDF are accepted.