Eckcellent’s mission



Trust – You are not alone! Every problem can be solved!

There is always time to support each other.
WE can rely on US.
No progress without mistakes.

Fairness – Teamwork is the better hierachy

We talk to each other, not against each other.
You are who you are, not your occupation.
We think about the effects for everyone involved before we make decisions.

Honest and open communication

Politics is another business – we do not play games!
Partnership means openness.

Reliability – Our word endures!

Long-term does not have to mean boring.
Balancing family priorities with work priorities.
Reliability in all situations.


Girls‘ and Boys‘ Day at eck*cellent IT

It is with great pleasure that eck*cellent IT is able to offer interested youngsters the opportunity to participate in the national days of action “Girls’ Day”and “Boys’ Day”.



Project “Brücken bauen” (Building bridges )

Together with the kindergarten of „Lebenshilfe Braunschweig“ we support the project every year and always spend a very special experience day with the children – in the menatime this has become a great partnership. https://www.bruecken-bauen-online.de/das-projekt/



Furry sponsorships

We support the organizations Tierschutz Braunschweig e.V and Tierschutzverein Groß-Dortmund e. V.



“Päckchen für Braunschweig” – Children’s eyes are shining

Every Christmas we wrap up some presents and deliver them to the TU Braunschweig. From there they are distributed to families with children who are struggling financially.



The well-being of the company and every employee is important – That is what we believe in and what we live.
With the strong technical competence of our employees we are able to develop software with personality. Ensuring the satisfaction and enthusiasm of our employees and clients is our highest priority. Optimal solutions for our clients without denying ourselves is very important to us.
Because of the dedication of each and everyone we are able to achieve:

  • individual and successful solutions
  • highly satisfied clients
  • successful projects

We want to accomplish organic growth together and continue to deliver „eck*cellente“ quality.

environmental management

We support carpooling, our eco-certified paper is used on both sides and waste separation is as natural as turning off the lights. We take responsibility for our environment. We pay attention to thrift in energy and ressource consumption and try to reduce our waste to a minimum. We strive to improve our processes, both economically and ecologically, and to integrate them into our corporate culture in a manner that allows us to contribute to the protection of our environment.