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Individual Solutions

With a methodical approach coupled with common sense - from the intial idea to maintenance - by using basic technologies and latest trends in technology.

We act with social competence and a transparent style of communication. Our dedication greatly impacts our projects focusing on HMI, Automotive, Java, software development, IT projects, research and Industry 4.0.


Technology & Method

  • consultation and conception
  • analysis and optimization of business processes
  • process consulting and management
  • development of individual software solutions
  • management of major it projects
  • system integration and administration
  • Norms: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE)
  • Methods/procedures: SCRUM, CMMI, V-Modell XT, Automotive SPICE
  • Modeling: OOA, OOD, UML, BPMN, EPK, BPEL
software development
Software Development

Software development is our core business and therefore our primary competence.

Software is at the center of all our projects, ranging from requirements analysis to conception and architecture through to implementation, extension and maintenance of large software systems for different areas of application.

We have succesfully developed many different systems- from innovative apps to large enterprise systems with thousands of users up to products which are used by millions.

We adjust our development processes to suit the processes of our clients and the projects' requirements. To this end, we employ agile methods aswell as classic processes, like the V-model, on a high quality standard with SPICE or CMMI. The use of innovative technologies and frameworks allows us to achieve a high level of performance both in terms of developer productivity and in the day to day use of the software developed by us.

Java Development
Java Development

We have been using Java as a programming language for the majority of our projects since we were founded in 1998. Platform independence along with support for database connections and web technologies were decisive factors back then. Today, we use Java for most of our projects covering many fields, ranging from embedded solutions and HMI to enterprise solutions and web portals with very high user numbers.

Hence, our extensive knowledge of Java - including all of its strengths and weaknesses up to its latest state (Java 8) - is second to none. Our expertise also covers the entire environment of available libraries, frameworks, development environments, etc. Through regular participation of our employees in conferences, including as speakers, we are always on the cutting edge of technology and remain up to date with future trends and developments.


The use of HMI in the automotive sector has experienced major changes in recent years. Driven by rapid technological development in the field of smart phones and tablets with elements such as touch operation, voice control, high-resolution displays and online services these latest technologies were introduced into the distinctly more complex environment of the car industry while originating from an extremely short-lived sector (<1 year model cycle of smart phones and tablets).

With the appropriate requirements for security, stability and the automation and management of tests we established development processes and teams, that meet these requirements and develope modern and innovative products in this field at the same time, together with our clients.


The diverse range of application areas in the automotive sector calls for correspondingly diverse software development. Software is not only in use inside the vehicle itself (on more than 50 ECUs in latest models), but also within the surrounding infrastructure.

Typical areas of application include vehicle diagnostics, test automation, test stations, release processes, workflows, back-end systems for HMI and mobile online services. The scope has expanded to cover new services such as web integration, app integration, processing of geo-information, Big Data, complex analysis of traffic data and traffic flow for optimization of route planning and guidance and also networking between vehicles and other road users (Car-2-Car and Car-2-X).

The relationships are diverse and the tasks are complex. Here, we benefit from many years of experience in various areas and great networking between our employees and projects to solve even highly complex problems.

industry 4.0
industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, with IT at its core, presents both an opportunity and a challenge to the manufacturing industry.

The ever-deeper penetration of manufacturing and logistics processes into IT systems - not least the Internet of Things - presents many new possibilities. The strong network of complete value chains spread over multiple companies entails new requirements in the areas of security, stability, sturdiness and availability.

A large available database provides great oppotunities in the fields of process monitoring, analysis and optimization, further automation and also in the field of sustainable and demand-driven economic activity.

With our substantial history of successful projects in the areas of teleservice, logistics, agriculture and forestry, manufacturing systems, monitoring and optimization of production processes, dashboards, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, Big Data, simulation and more, we can draw on our extensive experience to realise the innovative approaches required to meet the challenges that these fields present and lead our projects to a successful conclusion.

it projects
it projects

The project business in the software sector is our daily business.

Through many succesful projects, we continously developed and optimized our entire project management in all fields. Even large projects are planned extensively and confidently by us. All important acitivities alongside pure development are also taken into account for the planning, work progress is monitored precisely, problems are identified and solved early.

Our project sizes cover a spectrum ranging from a few days to many person-years. In addition to the development of solutions based on services, we also offer software development as a fixed price project. To this end we work with a clearly structured development process based on the V-model while taking account of SPICE or CMMI, as well as with agile methods such as SCRUM in volatile areas with unclear or fast changing requirements.

By formulating our process this way we are in a position to monitor the complete scope of application and influence ranging from usability to IT- and software security through to software quality and automation of tests.


Innovative, technological approaches in the field of information technology are only effective when they are provided with a concrete area of application.

Therefore, our expertise in the corresponding areas of application is an important factor in addition to our competence as an IT service offering software development. Together with partner companies and research institutes, we engage in application orientated research projects at an early stage in order to develop new ideas and approaches that can be transformed into solutions.

In addition to having established a successful track-record in the areas of teleservice, Big Data, geo-information systems and Industry 4.0, we are currently working on tasks in the fields of microsystems and medical technology, voice control, artificial intelligence and driver assistance systems. Our developments have been incorporated into current products and services, which have provided our clients and partners with competitive advantages and made innovative solutions possible.